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I’m actually worried about my bf’s neck though

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I’ve made more friends with people my age over pokemon probably than any other common link we might share

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if my boyfriend knew how many of you guys/us existed on tumblr and everywhere else and that we all reblog pokemon all day and talk about pokemon and ev train and shiny & iv breed and write fanfiction about the characters and fanart and even poképorn and the fact we’re all friends bc pokemon his brain would probably like implode because of this huge fandom for what he calls “a dumb kiddies game”

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I’m just so fucking upset like pokemon is so close to my heart since childhood and has been such a big part of my life and my bf goes and calls it pathetic and I already feel bad for playing video games as much as I do but at the the same time I have chronic fatigue and agoraphobia and really bad anxiety/depression, it’s not like I’m actually an addict: I would LOVE to be able to go outside and just live but I can’t so if I’m just at home all the time I’m sure playing pokemon is the preferable option to just sitting here and crying all day.
and I know he called it pathetic just to hurt me (and he actually thinks it’s stupid) but then he denies that and says it was just him stating his opinion but he wouldn’t say it like that except to hurt me and that’s basically how all our arguments start but I can’t believe we actually had an argument started over pokemon and I fucked his neck up. I’m either really insane or he’s actually a douche or something and he knows how fragile I’m feeling right now.

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today my bf called pokemon pathetic and I nearly accidentally broke his neck I’m not even kidding he has a really bad neck and I jumped on him in rage and made it worse

he always goes on about pokemon being “jokemon” and it really gets to me and then he basically called me pathetic for playing it nearly everyday I just snapped

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it’s hot today

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A bunch of electric sheep and a electric kangaroo-giraffe-sheep just having a good time. Not much else to say, really.

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Okami concept-art

I love okami so much I can’t even describe how much joy these pictures bring to me

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